Miscellaneous lowpoly 3D

This is a combination of all the low poly assets made for smaller projects. Please not that some of these assets are made in cooperation with other artists.

The pixelated tank was a little exercise on creating a cartoony object with a sharp pixelated 128x128 texture and with as little poly's as possible.
Modeled/ displayed in 3Ds Max, textured in Photoshop.


This underwater scene was a project together with two other artists (Arne Van den Broeck and Stijn Vercruysse), and was an exercise on creating a consistent style between different artists. The objects that I made where the ground base, the boat and the shark, all where modeled and rendered in 3DsMax textured in Photoshop.


The AK-47 gun was an exercise on creating realistical handpainted textures with custom created brushes. The model and unwrap of the gun wasn't made by me, I only did the texture in Photoshop.



These low poly vehicles where made as a test case for a personal project of mine, the goal of the project was to create a prototype of a tabletop strategy game. Unfortunately the project was never completed due to the lack of free time. Models where made and displayed in 3DsMax.


The following two images are two handpainted tileble textures created in Photoshop.